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HealthTech Lisboa provides various services that will help your start-up thrive in the health business ecosystem.

Although the range of the provided services and resources differ,  HealthTech Lisboa ensures the delivery of essential services and resources to the participating companies.

Strategic Analysis

  • Business model
  • Company vision and mission review
  • MVP Development:
    We help you define your MVP and build it for you. We have a laser focus on user experience – everything we do is top-notch and built by our experienced team hailing from multinational companies.
  • Building your team:
    If you’d like to build an in-house valuable team, we can help you do that. We use our networks to find and vet talent so you hire technically competent people who are a good cultural fit for your company.
  • Business Plan development
  • Pitch deck development
  • Branding support

Financial Analysis

  • Due Diligence
  • Company Valuation
  • Budgeting and Project Analysis;
  • Financing
  • Financial structure optimization and cost reduction
  • Process improvement
  • Auditing


  • Connections to BAs and VCs
  • Public Grants (e.g. PT2020, H2020, among others)
  • Financing – Bank & Hybrid

Sales & Management

  • Sales strategy – target markets and segments
  • Distribution and Sales channels
  • Management as a service

Core Services

  • Legal Services
  • IT Support
  • Administrative, Accounting & Taxes
  • Marketing

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