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Stephen Fearon

Stephen Fearon is the CEO of Capita Healthcare Decisions.   Capita Healthcare Decisions enables Healthcare Providers and Payers to deliver improved patient outcomes at increased scale and cost-effectiveness through proven, connected care applications, data, insights and expertise.​

Specifically, they offer Accreditation, Benchmarking & Analysis, Clinical Coding Services and AI, Decision Support across Patient Engagement and multi-channel triage and Health Finance.  They have many international clients with over 20 in Portugal.

Stephen Fearon is leading the growth transformation for the company across the core propositions, new products and services development, GTM execution and new market expansion whilst maintaining cost controls and customer success.

Stephen Fearon is also the Chief Revenue Officer for the Capita Software division which is a collection of various Industry-focused software applications companies.

Prior to joining Capita, Steve had a 28 year career at Oracle leading European Sales divisions.  Most recently, he lead the Oracle Digital Sales Organisation in Europe for SaaS Applications for Mid Size Enterprises. The applications range across ERP & EPM, HCM, Supply Chain and CX.  This involved the digital transformation of sales and marketing to address the modern buyer.   

Stephen Fearon also does various mentoring, advisory and consulting to CEOs of scale up software companies.